The Big Unkle

Jazz Funk Fuzion

In honor of Jaco Pastorius being inducted into the Philadelphia Walk of Fame

Jaco is a huge influence on us as a group. His contribution to the jazz world as a bass player has made a lasting impression on the world. He's collaborated with a slew of prolific artists from Weather Report to Joni Mitchell. 


Jaco is known for his virtuosic bass lines which combined Afro-Cuban rhythms to create 16th-note funk lines syncopated with ghost notes. He played these with a floating thumb technique on the right hand, anchoring on the bridge pickup while playing on the E and A strings and muting the E string with his thumb while playing on higher strings. You can hear this on "Come On, Come Over" from his self titled album "Jaco Pastorius". He was also known for championing the fretless electric bass, with which he was able to create a horn-like tone while playing in the upper register. He's renown as one of the greatest Electric Bass Players ever! 

Before Jaco, bass didn’t know what it was yet.
— Bootsy Collins (Bass Player, James Brown Band)

Last month Jaco Pastorious was inducted into the Philadelphia Walk of Fame by the Philadelphia Music Alliance.  What is your favorite Jaco song? What's your best Jaco memory? For more info about Jaco Pastorius check out this killer documentary about him by Robert Trujillo.