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Can you believe its been almost 9 months!

Since Prince died...

Time stopped when we found out that the ever elusive Prince had passed away. His creative influence wasn't just felt in his own music but the many he had written for others. You may have heard of some of them; "Nothing Compares 2 U"- Sinead O' Conner, "Stand Back"- Stevie Nicks and "When You Were Mine"- Cyndi Lauper. 

It only felt natural to share a favorite Prince memory 


"My 6 year old self stood completely transfixed in front of the tv. I watched this man in purple velvet on a motorcycle with a mix of confidence, sexiness and authenticity  I had never seen before! I already was a huge Michael Jackson fan, so I wasn't a stranger to the glitz and shimmer of the 80's. Michael's confidence poured out in his dance moves, but Prince was different. There was something gentle about him." 

-Emily (Social Media Manager/Web Designer)


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